Midnight Comedown

by Orca

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released April 19, 2015

All music is written and preformed by Orca. Music recorded, mixed and mastered my Michael Evola of Traumen Studio.



all rights reserved


Orca Brampton, Ontario

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Track Name: Tokyo

Verse 1
If I don't come back soon, you be my eyes brother
Now we carve in to wooden walls
I shoot and you burn them down

Pre Chorus
Miss your chance and I would take a life for you
Break and lay there, I would lay a hand for you
Words and knives and nothing should match up to you
Stop your fighting or I'll have to fight you too

Running to me with single handed guns
I've kept you close
What you're saying to me is tearing me apart
I've kept you close

Verse 1


Track Name: Kiri Kiri Kiri
“Kiri Kiri Kiri”

Verse 1
Some have come over to me
They want more than these words
I really want to look cool in my shoes
“Are you happy with where you come from?”
Bird, cover for me
When my breathing has given away my thoughts
I can't dance with two left feet
Stand for a man who covets your heart

Let me down when you feel like
I don't expect very much
Let me down right before I get into your eyes

Verse 2
I haven't seen you in years
Our words keep asking for more
I really tried to look cool for you
Was I missing the act your lover's charm?
Dove, he's calling me out
Jealous teeth are haunting my sleep
I can't stand when you're not here
With needles you love how you're taunting my heart

Chorus (x2)

Coming through your heart (x4)

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: I Should Go
“I Should Go”

Verse 1
They said you really need to focus
I said my heart is in the picture
Was there someone at my back door late that night
Do you remember when my dog died 'cause I really don't remember
I think I shouldn't go back this time

I appreciate your nature
You're a rather different figure
I know it was someone else that stole your mind
Was that the other answer to all my lovely fractures
I'll be waiting at your doorstep every night

Chorus (x2)
Love is all that lets me down
I figure out what I'm not,
Every time

You are my little fortress
Four waves and I'll be walking
I wished you got the callback, didn't I?
Wonder what you're thinking
Is it warm where you are sleeping?
You know you're still the only, in my eyes


I should go (x4)

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Flux//Daydreamer
“Flux/ Daydreamer”

Verse 1
We're world's apart
Have nothing to ask for

Bonsoir my love
Your loss
Not a true one

Oh the stars
They watch you every time we say go
And oh the lights
They catch you every time we let go

Chorus (x2)
Wait up honey, wicked bones are shaking for your croon
Slow down darling, I want you
I want you

Verse 2
You're one to talk
Light fires around here

Between the walls
Carving the shapes out

Oh the stars that held you by the hand and let go
And oh the lights
They'll blind you every night you say go

Chorus (x1)

Wait up honey, I want you
Track Name: Sea Wolves

Verse 1
Lasting waves, embers you light
Long to hear you sing
I've seen changes in your eyes
thought I kept you here with me

Frail and shallow down below
Silent screaming, heavy heart
Plaster words onto your own
The change is coming

As the waves come in (x3)

Verse 2
As we wait, in time we'll find
What was buried, what was there
Lifted cracks in crooked floors
Taught me more than I could bare
Sunk in deep into your bones
All I've known was rich and gold
We are wolves
Open your eyes
The change is coming

Track Name: It Takes Time
“It Takes Time”

Verse 1
I still remember when we were just good friends
Time said you wanted more than that
Time said you wanted my lips

All they wanted, I strung flawlessly in the end
Time said I'd have you before him
Time said I'd have you then

Nothing gets me overexcited like this (x2)

Verse 2
I guess I've been wrong since you left us again
Time said we're going under
Time said the rest was thin

I bet they all drowned into your feelings
Time said I'd end up in regret
Time said I'd want to forget

Chorus (x2)
Nothing gets me overexcited like this
Time said I wasn't enough
Nothing gets me overexcited like this
Track Name: I Won't Let You Down
“I Won't Let You Down”

Verse 1
I asked you to cover me today
Was it enough for you to figure me out?
Kept the silence
Showed you that I'd stay
I won't let you down (x6)

Verse 2
You asked me to comfort you today
It was enough for me to figure you out
Left anemic
Haunted me to stay
I won't let you down (x6)

We lay in waves of black and white
They burrow in our skin and bloom out
Warm from your vision dear and I won't mind the frostbite now

Verse 3
I asked you to fall with me again
Always the ones to bring a hurricane down
We are blinded
You know I wouldn't stray
I won't let you down

Verse 1
I asked you to cover me today
Was it enough for you to figure me out?
Kept the silence
Showed you that I'd stay
I won't let you down (x6)
Track Name: This Is The First and Last Thing On My Mind
“This Is The First And Last Thing On My Mind”

Verse 1
I met a girl in the summer
I said hello like I should
She said “I really think I like you”
“You know I really like you”
“I want to know if you like me too”

Just you wait now, you're never going to think it
Keep in mind that you're always feeling into the summer
Leave it strong now you don't want to break it
What a lie, not listening to your sight in the summer
In the summer

Verse 1


Sleeping with ghosts your eyes are not shifting
Skin over skin, the cause of your killing
Walking along the room that you're haunting
You're wasting yourself.
Don't try to fight, leave it alone.

Outro (x4)
Look alive you're the only one I'm falling for
(In the summer)

I'll give you all of me
When only my mind's made up
Track Name: Elodie

Verse 1
I'm not looking for anything
Somewhere in your heart you know I'll be here
Always on my mind
Left by your side

You've tried waiting for something
Darling, in your heart you know I'll be here
I'm not afraid
No, I'm not afraid

If only you could see me now
I'm lost for you always
I'm not afraid
No, I'm not afraid

Verse 2
Crossed in my sweater I'm quoting lines from our favourite night
Haven't I been here once before?
Shouldn't say it anymore
Out from the corners of wooden tiles
Written for every misguided smile

If only you could see me now
I'm lost for you always
I'm not afraid
No, I'm not afraid
I'm lost for you always
I'm not afraid
No, I'm not afraid
Track Name: Kiss On The Mouth
“Kiss On The Mouth”

Verse 1
Your friends, sneaking off again
With a loss you're sinking in
Heart's sinking in

My best friend, let me down again
With my heart caving in
Heart's losing it

I'm not so worried about my body now (x4)

Verse 2
Your new friends, getting lost again
With a kiss, you're feeling it
A head caving in

My new friends helped me out again
With a cause for killing this
A heart beaten in


Your friends let you out again
Stop, you're blackened in
Hands bleeding in

My friends, keeping watch again
Spine's slipping in
Hearts breaking in